Blading by Britt - Microblading Snohomish, WA


Located in the suburbs of Seattle, Blading by Britt is Snohomish, Washington’s first and only dedicated Permanent Makeup studio offering microblading, shading, lip blush, eyeliner, freckles, and tattoo removal. Blading by Britt is owned and operated by licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, Britt MacArthur. Britt is certified in Microblading and Shading by the esteemed PhiBrows Academy. This page will answer your Frequently Asked Questions about permanent makeup.

Proudly serving Snohomish County communities of Sultan, Monroe, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Arlington, Granite Falls, Everett, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Edmonds, and Mukilteo; as well as Skagit County and the greater Seattle area.


Q. Does it hurt?

Before beginning your service, you will be numbed for 20 minutes to avoid as much pain as possible. However, everyone’s pain tolerance and receptivity to numbing differs. Topical numbing cream will continually be applied throughout the service as well. Most clients report minimal to no pain, and many clients even fall asleep!

Q. What is the healing process like?

It takes 6 weeks for your skin to fully heal after any permanent makeup service. During this 6 week period, your treated area will go through a series of different stages. The first 1-4 days your color will appear very dark. The following 5-7 days your skin will begin to peel and flake. After that, the new skin begins to grow in around days 8-10, during which time the pigment may look like it has disappeared. The pigment will begin to resurface over the course of the next 14-28 days.

Q. Is a consultation required?

No, a consultation is only required if the client has previous permanent makeup they want to cover/corret, health concerns, or wishes to undergo an allergy test. An allergy test is recommended for those with sensitive, reactive skin, and for anyone who is unsure if they have an allergy to topical anesthetics. The allergy test is conducted by lightly scratching the skin behind the ear, and apply tattoo pigment and/or anesthetic to the region; the client will then be advised to wait 48 hours to see if a reaction occurs.

Q. How long does permanent makeup last?

The long-term retention of any permanent makeup varies from person to person, and is influenced by their skin type and lifestyle. Some things that will reduce your retention include excessive sun exposure, oily skin, and use of anti-aging products. Most clients choose to refresh their permanent makeup once a year.

Q. Is a touch up session required?

Yes, a touch up session is required. In most cases, cosmetic tattoo pigment lightens up by about 30% following the first treatment. A touch up session allows me to implant more pigment for longer-lasting color, fill in any sparse areas, and enhance the shape. The touch up will be scheduled 6-8 weeks after your initial service.

Q. What is microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo process that creates individual, hair-like strokes with a manual tool called a microblade. A microblade is wielded like a pen, but the tip contains many tiny needles that open the skin to implant pigment (color). This process creates hyper realistic eyebrow hairs to enhance your brow shape and definition, all while maintaining a natural look.

Q. How is microblading different from traditional tattooing?

Traditional tattooing is done with a machine and implants pigment (color) into a deeper layer of the skin (the dermis). Microblading pigment is implanted by hand at the base of the epidermis - the layer of skin just before the dermis.

Q. What is microshading?

Microshading is also a manual tattooing process. Using a microshading pen, pigment is implanted by way of small dots, which makes the brow appear more full. Microshading is an optional and additional service to microblading, and is good for people who wish to have their brows appear more filled in (like makeup). Microshading may also be recommended if you have very sparse or light brow hair. 

Q. Will my brows look bad during the healing process?

This is the most common questions I get asked, and I am happy to answer - no. Most clients are day-ready as soon as the service is over, with minimal redness and rarely any swelling. Also, because I have my clients follow a hydrated healing aftercare routine, they will have no scabbing and no substantial peeling. Please see below for an overview of the different healing stages.

Q. What is brow henna?

Henna is a botanical tint used to temporarily darken eyebrow hair and stain the skin under and around the eyebrows. Henna stains up to 4 weeks on the hair, and 1 week on the skin, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Factors that may reduce retention include excessive sweating and exposure to moisture, oily skin, and skincare routine.

Q. What is lip blush?

Lip blush is a full lip cosmetic tattoo, done with a permanent makeup machine. Immediately after the service the color will be intense, but it heals to a light lipstick color for a “gloss and go” look. Lip blush is great for clients who love lip makeup, as well as clients who have naturally pale lips and are looking for more definition.

Q. What is tattoo removal?

The type of tattoo removal conducted at Blading by Britt is conducted with a salt solution that is safe for permanent makeup on the face, as well as small body tattoos. To avoid traumatizing the skin, tattoo removal is done in small sections over the course of several sessions. Results vary depending on (but not limited to) client’s skin type and healing process, type of tattoo ink being removed, and depth of ink being removed. It is recommended that you book a consultation for all tattoo removals.