Blading by Britt - Microblading Snohomish, WA

Microblading Services

Located in the suburbs of Seattle, Blading by Britt is Snohomish, Washington’s first and only permanent makeup studio dedicated to Microblading and Microshading. Blading by Britt is owned and operated by licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, Britt MacArthur. Britt is certified in Microblading and Shading by the esteemed PhiBrows Academy. The Services page is where you can book your microblading appointment, as well as find the cost and time for each service.





Please review the Prep page before booking



Consultation*│15-30 minutes│FREE

Microblading│2-3 hours│$300

Combo Brows (Microblading+Shading)│3 hours│$350

Touch Up Another Artist’s Work*│2-3 hours│$350

Brow Henna│1 hour│$45






Lip Blush│3-3.5 hours│$350

Lash Line Enhancement│1-2 hours│$150

Upper Eyeliner│2-3 hours│$250

Lower Eyeliner│1-2 hours│$150

Lash Line + Lower Liner│2 hours│$200

Upper + Lower Liner│3-3.5 hours│$300

Freckles│1 hours│$100



“Double Whammy” (Combo Brows + Lash Line Enhancement)│4-4.5 hours│$400

“Glow Up” (Lip Blush + Lash Line Enhancement)│3.5-4 hours│$400

“Take Two” (Combo Brows + Lip Blush)│4-4.5 hours│$600

“Triple Threat” (Combo Brows, Lash Line Enhancement + Lip Blush)│6-6.5 hours│$700



Old Permanent Makeup │2 hours│$100 (per session)

Small Body Tattoo (approximately 2x2 inches) │1 hour│$75 (per session)

Medium Tattoo (approximately 6x6 inches)│2 hours│$125 (per session)

*Consultation recommended prior to booking



Brows, Eyes, Lips:

6-8 Weeks│1-2 hours│$100

3-12 Months│1-2 hours│$125

12-18 Months│1-2 hours│$150

18-24 Months│2-3 hours│$200

Combo Packages:

“Double Whammy” 6-8 Week Touch Up│2-3 hours│$150

“Glow Up” 6-8 Week Touch Up│2-3 hours│$175

“Take Two” 6-8 Week Touch Up│3 hours│$175

“Triple Threat” 6-8 Week Touch Up│3-4 hours│$200


6-8 Weeks│30 minutes│$50



*Consultations are optional, unless client has old permanent makeup they would like covered/corrected or they would like to complete an allergy test.

Sales tax will be applied at checkout.